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Our Campground includes:

Electric 30/50 amp

Full Hook Up

Cement Slabs




Cable Tv

Laundry Room


Fishing Pond

Hiking Trails 


If you or your group engages in the following, loss of lot rental and the privilege to use Lantern RV & Cabin Inc. could result.
  • Damage, deface, or remove property.
  • Fail to comply with rules and guidelines.
  • Engage in public disturbance of other people or unoccupied buildings during your stay.
  • Bring firearms or weapons onto the property.
  • Refrain to pay outstanding dues within 5 days of invoice.
Failure to comply with any or all regulations will result in termination of contract with no refund of deposit or rental fees.
Check In / Check Out
  • Standard check in time for confirmed reservations is 3:00 p.m.
  • Standard check out time is 1:00 p.m.
  • All stays beyond 1:00 p.m. may be billed an additional night stay (subject to prior agreement and availability).
  • No Refunds. No Exceptions.
Safety Rules
  • All RV site and Cabin rental owners and their guests are responsible for their own actions and insurance.
Animals / Pets
  • Pets are restricted to the lot they belong to. Please do not allow your (or visitors) pets to roam free outside of your own area or
RV lot. Noisy pets are not permitted.
  • Pet droppings must be cleaned up on a daily basis.
  • All properties rented from Lantern RV & Cabins Inc. DO NOT allow pets inside.
Firearms / Weapons
  • Firearms and weapons are not permitted on site. This includes paintball guns and archery sets.
  • Guests must park in the designated parking lots. Only the number of vehicles designated on the application are permitted on
        each site depending on lot dimensions and size of the vehicle. Please do not block roadways or driveways. Issues or disputes with
        parking will be handled by Lantern RV & Cabins Inc. Staff.
Smoking / Drugs / Alcohol
  • Please discard smoking butts appropriately. Dropping butts in public area is considered littering and will not be tolerated.
If Lantern RV & Cabins Inc. owns the property, there will be NO SMOKING allowed inside.
  • Lantern RV & Cabins Inc. is a drug free facility. Those found with illegal drugs on site will be removed and expelled from the Rental
Park and are subject to the loss of any payments and security deposits.
  • Outside use of alcohol is not allowed. Indoor use is expected to conform to legal and mature standards of conduct.
  • Please do not enter other neighboring properties.
  • Note that some hoses and cables may cross lot to access hook-up pedestal.
Cleaning / Recycling
  • Guests are responsible for leaving their lot or rental property in the same condition or better than is was found. This includes the
grounds, their site, and surrounding areas.
  • Use garbage containers provided. Garbage that does not fit in a garbage bag is not permitted and must be removed by the owner.
  • Please recycle when appropriate.
  • Do not burn plastics of flammable materials on site.
  • Renters agree to keep sewage deposits to standards of city code. Failure to comply will result in termination of rental contract.
Quiet Hours / Noise Pollution
  • Lantern RV & Cabins Inc. observes quiet hours from 11:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m. During this time, campers are to respect their neighbors
by keeping noise to a normal level and never have excessively loud music or noise.